Our Services

Flight Dept Advantage – simple, flexible and customized

We created our Flight Dept Advantage program to make it much easier for aircraft owners to acquire an aircraft and enjoy the benefits of having their own flight department. We assist you with everything you need to purchase a good airplane and then get your flight department up and running quickly and smoothly. If you have an existing flight department and there is a need for either temporary or permanent assistance in certain areas, we provide the desired support in collaboration with your aviation manager or chief pilot.

Flight Dept Advantage – specific services

We offer the following services, which are available on either an a la carte or package basis:

  • Startup Services - we provide and/or arrange for all the services necessary for the acquisition of an aircraft and startup of a professional flight department. The flight deptartment services include helping you recruit a qualified flight department manager/chief pilot. If you already have a flight department manager/chief pilot onboard, we will collaborate with him/her so that between us, everything gets done.
  • Ongoing Support Services – we implement the following services to provide ongoing support for both the aircraft owner and the flight department manager/chief pilot:
    • Crew employment services (refer to our Crew HR Advantage program)
    • Crew staffing: temporary and permanent
    • Aircraft accounting and bill payment
    • Discount programs for fuel and crew training
    • Maintenance coordination, planning and cost control
    • Aircraft flight coordination and scheduling
    • Aircraft scheduling software and technology support
    • Safety management system (SMS)
    • IS-BAO certification and audit assistance
    • Security risk assessments and travel security support
    • Aviation security programs and emergency response planning
    • Aviation tax accounting
    • Aircraft property tax reduction
    • Supplemental charter support
    • European Union compliance (EU ETS, temporary or permanent EU importation, VAT recovery)
    • General advisory consulting
    • Professional advisory referrals for aircraft insurance, financing, tax, legal and brokerage

Flight Dept Advantage – program strengths

We ensure your flight department’s success by relying on our strengths:

  • Advocacy - we customize the support services based on your needs and act as your advocate in everything we do
  • Experience – we have collectively been involved with the management of hundreds of flight department and management company aircraft
  • Board of Advisors – our board of advisors is made up of industry veterans who have altogether supervised the operation and maintenance of hundreds of aircraft
  • Crew Staffing Partnership – we have a special arrangement with Flight Crews Unlimited to provide well qualified crews on an as needed basis
  • Industry Relationships – we have established relationships on a worldwide basis with proven service providers in all aircraft support areas
  • Focus – we are solely focused on helping you and your crew succeed

Why do aircraft owners utilize a flight department?

There are numerous reasons why so many aircraft owners use a flight department to operate their aircraft:

  1. Dedicated Crew – the crew is completely dedicated to providing great service to the aircraft owner without any conflict of interest.
  2. Customization – all the policies and procedures are developed based on what is best for the individual aircraft owner’s situation.
  3. Flexibility – the structure can be made as flexible as necessary to adjust to current and future requirements.
  4. Cost Effectiveness – only costs directly related to the owner’s aircraft operation are incurred, without markup. Great pricing for fuel and insurance is available for single aircraft. Cost monitoring is easier for flight department aircraft.
  5. Best Practices – the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO), is a recommended code of best practices designed to help flight departments achieve high levels of safety and professionalism. Annual audits are used to validate compliance.