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FDA HR Advantage – crew employment made easy

We have teamed with a national HR services firm to cover the complete payroll, HR and benefits administration needs of your crew. Our solution helps you retain good people and reduce your employment related risk while relieving you and your manager of the distraction of managing HR.

Employment Risk Mitigation

Your crew employment-related risk is greatly diminished. The program:

  • Relieves you of most direct employment obligations
  • Alleviates compliance issues related to the Affordable Care Act
  • Avoids the risk associated with using pilots as independent contractors
  • Incorporates professional HR compliance guidance 
  • Insures your crew for workers' compensation
  • May lessen your “management company” exposure to the 7.5% Federal Excise Tax (FET)***
  • Can be used to avoid FAA non-compliance caused by a sole purpose “flight department company”***
  • *** Consult with an aviation attorney for guidance on this issue.

Comprehensive Administrative Services

Through our HR service partners, we relieve you of the following administrative services:

  • Payroll administration
  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Employee benefits management – health, 401k, etc...
  • HR administration and compliance

Cost-Effective and Time-Effective

You save time and money by fully outsourcing your crew employment requirements:

  • Access to Fortune 500 benefits at affordable rates
  • Participation in our crew training discount program
  • Simplification of HR administration and major time savings