Flight Dept Solutions, LLC

Aircraft Acquisition & Ownership - easier, customized and cost-effective

Whether you are new to business aviation or a veteran business jet owner, our goal is to work in collaboration with you and your other advisors to make your aircraft acquisition and ownership experience a very positive one. Our services are personalized to satisfy your unique requirements and comprehensive enough to satisfy all your needs. Our team's breadth of experience and expertise allows us to serve as your trusted one source solution for getting all aspects of your project done.

First Time Aircraft Owners

  • Uncertain about the best way to acquire and then operate your aircraft? We provide comprehensive guidance.
  • Wondering how to create your own flight department? We make it easy.
  • No idea how to locate an aviation manager or chief pilot? We find you the right person.
  • Anxious about selecting the “right” aircraft management company? We guide you through the process.
  • Unclear about aircraft management company oversight? We fill that role.
  • Concerned about directly employing the flight crew? We relieve you of this responsibility.

Existing Aircraft Owners

  • Looking for an alternative for your current aircraft management arrangement? We create the plan and make it happen.
  • Not sure how to manage some areas of your flight department? We support your aviation manager or chief pilot to get the entire job done.
  • Need help improving your aircraft management company situation? We have the experience to assist you.

Aviation Managers/Chief Pilots

  • Have an opportunity to create a new flight department but need assistance? We can help you get it done.
  • Having difficulty taking time off due to too many flight department duties? We can relieve you of administrative tasks to free up your time.
  • Concerned that you are unable to devote more time to flight operations? We can provide support so you can focus on what you do best - fly the airplane.

Three Customized Programs

Either in conjunction with an aircraft acquisition assignment or as a separate, project, we assist new or current aircraft owners with the planning, startup and oversight of their flight operations. We also offer 3 specific programs to help you optimize the operational flexibility and cost-effectiveness of your aircraft. Each program is customized to meet your unique needs.

Flight Dept Advantage (FDA)

Our “Flight Dept Advantage” Program is designed with you in mind

With our unique “Flight Department Advantage” program, we provide personalized, professional solutions for the acquisition of your aircraft and/or the initial set up and ongoing operation of your flight department. We work in collaboration with your chief pilot, if you have one, or we help you hire one.

Today 3,600 NBAA members and 60% of the Fortune 100 use a flight department to operate their aircraft? NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) is the largest business aviation trade association. The great majority of its members, representing both large and small aircraft operators, utilize a flight department. You can too. We make it easy.

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Management Company Match

Our “Management Co Match” Program ensures the right fit

Not all aircraft management companies are created equal. Drawing on our extensive experience, we help you find the best match. Our selection methodology allows you to wade through the wide variations in capabilities and philosophies to get it right the first time. We match your unique needs with the management company that will provide the best fit.

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FDA HR Advantage

Our “FDA HR Advantage” Program simplifies crew employment

We team with a national HR services firm to offer a comprehensive program including payroll, HR compliance, risk management and benefits for your crew. We act as an outsourced service provider to directly employ your flight crew and reduce your employment-related risk in a cost effective manner.

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Our Experience

We combine our 70 years of experience in all aspects of business aviation with our extensive network of professional partners and the expertise of our Board of Advisers to deliver positive results for our clients. We save you time and money.

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Our Philosophy

  • Be fair and honest in dealing with our clients;
  • Be transparent, especially in regard to how we are compensated;
  • Observe strict confidentiality over all client information;
  • Maintain our integrity at all times;
  • Provide clear, responsive communication.